Brice Ammar-Khodja

Born in Colombes in 1992, Brice Ammar-Khodja graduated from Haute École des Arts du Rhin with a design specialisation. He questions the ambiguities between fine arts and applied arts as well as the place of the unknown in creation. His work ranges between art, design and scientific research. Trained in graphic design, his research problems target the relation between form and utility. He had to get rid of his convictions built during his design practice before he stepped in a laboratory and let himself trust chance discoveries. The word “serendipity” imposed itself to him. It is a combination of art, imagination, science and investigation. It encourages you to meet with the strange, with the unknown and requires you to hop from research to research to finally open the way for the paradox that is to find what you are not looking for. By using a research laboratory, he reinvented his practice. On the bench his productions are embedded in an experimental process that transform them, and bring them far from his initial intent. His first lab experiment was led within the IS2M (Materials’ Science Institute of Mulhouse) in a group specialized in the interaction between surfaces and water. Since then, water fuels his imagination. Influenced by its movements, through a process of hybridization, he seeks to create interfaces of dialogue between disciplines, at the convergence point of poetry and rationality, experimentation and dream. Artistic lab, science poetry? He keeps memories, images, atmospheres, and dream and narrative universes from his first relations with the world of sciences. Now that he is a research student at EnsadLab and part of the Reflective Interaction group, his research questions the symbolic and spatial relation between active materials and envisioned projects as well as the relation between environment and users through the scope of happenings and improvisation.