Julie Blanc

Julie Blanc is a graphic designer. After obtaining a degree at École de recherche graphique (erg) in Brussels, she became a research student at EnsadLab, the laboratory of École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD, PSL) in Paris. More specifically, she entered the research program of Reflective Interaction in the Hybrid publishing axis. Her research focuses on the design of multi-media and multimodal editions. Through the practice of design, Julie studies and questions the publishing technologies and their influence on editorial objects thanks to their graphic or interactives assets. Therefore, she works on the characteristics of each editorial media. At the same time, it seeks to change the practices of designers towards creative uses of programming. To this end, she primarily uses Web technologies (HTML5, CSS3, javascript, epub) for digital objects as well as printed ones. Julie is part of the collective research organised by the PrePostPrint group which gathers members working on experimental publishing techniques. She also works on the development of web browsers layout tools for the pagedmedia.org group.

Website: julie-blanc.fr