Annie Leuridan

Annie Leuridan lives in the North of France. She is a light scenographer, a landscaper, an activist, she co-writes documentaries and is an assistant director. She creates light for shows and installations for exhibitions. Her works parallels the opera and modern theater’s exploration of diverse scenic forms. Today, she devotes her time to light for dance shows (for Mylène Benoit, Nathalie Baldo, Cyril Viallon, Amélia Estevez with whom she co-signs Fôret/Selva) according to spaces, volumes, colors and rhythms as elements of narration. Her meetings with plastic artists (such as Isabelle Bonté, Marie-Julie Bourgeois, Mathieu Bouvier, Hervé Lesieur, Laurent Pernot) lead her to deal with light as the basis of works themselves. She worked on the light of exhibitions origanised by a group of Urban Poets, Les Saprophytes, who aims at the creation of an urban utopia. Since 2004, Annie questions through her work the tools which condition light’s form and writing. Her research relies on actual techniques (motion capture, animated pictures, personal computer and free software use) and more traditional tools such as spotlights and projector equipments. It allows her to revisit their traditional use.