Colin Bouvry

Creative coding, electronic, video mapping, museum, light, interactive design, audiovisual installation, engineering, digital scenography, event video games, multimedia and hacking compose the work of Colin Bouvry. Trained in technical courses in electronics and image and sound engineering, Colin has cultivated his passion for the mix between art and technology. He developed an interest in technologies: libCinder, openFrameworks, Arduino, LIDAR (Light Detection And Ranging), ROS (Robot Operating System) for creative projects. He began his professional career in digital art gallery Numeriscausa in Paris and works with: the Laserquest gallery, Fred Sapey-Triomphe, Etienne Brunet, Mosquito, Igor Novitzki, Toshiba, Museomix, Bright, WeAreSocial, Blackboxe, etc. He works as a research and creating engineer for the team Reflective Interaction of EnsadLab. He enjoys creating original artistic experiences by questioning the relationship can be established with the public.