Séminaire : Behavioral Matter aux frontières de la vie

Crédit photographique : Olivier Dauchot, Gulliver Laboratory, UMR CNRS 7083, ESPCI PARIS
En collaboration avec le projet Lutétium : youtube.com/leprojetlutetium

4 octobre 2018

A day of collective reflection and discussion organized by the Reflective Interaction group, to build on and further the research interests of the EnsadLab community and its partner institutions. It is specifically addressed to those whose work on the investigation of Behavioral Objects and Responsive Matter has evolved onto that of Behavioral Matter (the topic of a current research project with Humboldt University). It will also contribute to other art and design-based research and creation works that delve into biology and biotechnologies, in approaches that account for non-human agency and dynamic relationships of cooperation with living beings and vital processes in the making of form (Gestaltung).

At EnsadLab, we create dispositifs that are not strictly mediated by digital systems. Our notion of systems and of information goes beyond the computational paradigm: it comprehends the physical, chemical, and organic processes that enable materials and matter to transform and behave in response to the changes and forces in their environment. The Reflective Interaction group is leading the turn from 3D to 4D printing: we aim to produce materials taking into consideration the “natural intelligence” and agency of their components, in ways that will maintain or enhance their capacities for action and reaction once printed. The investigation of agency and responsivity of materials and matter are arenas of interdisciplinary practice across the natural sciences, cultural and social studies, art and design, where the interest of participants converge. Strategically organized at the very start of the new academic year, the expert colleagues of our partner institutions are invited to contribute, comment and question possible avenues of creative work and to reflexively examine the boundaries between the world of objects, robotics, and living beings.


9h30 – Arrival, greetings, coffee
9h45 – 10h – Intro: Samuel Bianchini, Artist and Head of the Reflective Interaction Research Group at EnsadLab
10h – 10h20: Manuelle Freire, Postdoctoral Researcher in Art-Science research and curriculum development at Chaire “arts & sciences” / EnsadLab

10h20 – 13h – Talks
Patricia Ribault, Junior Professor in History and Theory of Gestaltung at Cluster of Excellence Image, Knowledge, Gestaltung / Humboldt Universität zu Berlin (GE)
Jens Hauser, Researcher and Art Curator, University of Copenhagen (DK)
Olivier Dauchot, Research director, EC2M, ESPCI (FR)
François-Joseph Lapointe, Bioartist and Professor of Biology, Université de Montréal (QC/CA)
14h30 – 17h30 – Discussion with speakers, invited participants and Reflective Interaction group members
Marie-Sarah Adenis, Co-founder and creative director of PILI | Philippe Chiambaretta, Architect | Christian Duquennoi, Researcher, Institut national de recherches en sciences et technologies pour l’environnement et l’agriculture | Rahma Khazam, Researcher (Philosophy/Art history)| Anne De Malleray, Collection director at Musée de la Chasse et de la nature | Aurélie Mossé, Designer, Researcher, Teacher, EnsAD | Perig Pitrou, Anthropologist, Laboratoire d’anthropologie sociale du Collège de France | Giancarlo Rizza, Researcher, Laboratoire des Solides irradiés, École polytechnique

This activity is supported by the Chaire “arts & sciences” of École polytechnique, École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs – PSL and the Daniel & Nina Carasso Foundation.