MisB Kit

The research project Behavioral Objects allows us to study the notion of object behavior and how it has been understood by artists and designers since the beginning of the 20th century. Besides a theoretical and historical approach, we aim to develop our own objects in this project. This allows us to test and analyze them thoroughly, in order to adjust the design and manufacturing methods. To guide and stimulate this approach, we identified existing techniques that could best meet our needs. In order to animate objects autonomously, we use robotic techniques, particularly modular robotics that can adapt to different shapes and movements.

We developed an instrument named MisB Kit : a modular kit used to easily prototype objects with behavior (or bad behavior). The association of this instrument with our conceptual research framework offers us favorable conditions for experimentation that closely combines practicality and reflexivity.

The MisB Kit is a set of construction modules that we made: solid components and structural sections covered with velcro, allowing them to be assembled and modified very quickly, like a kind of “high definition” Lego. The principle of the kit is both elementary and powerful since it enables prototypes to be made in a few minutes with a high degree of freedom. It also gives us the possibility to combine this base with other materials as long as they have velcro. Other structural modules borrowed directly from the K’Nex building sets could be associated with our toolkit — as well as a set of carbon rods, hulls and skins to cover our robots in order to separate them from their technical condition (motorized mechanics) and bring them to the object’s playground.

For several years now, we have been organising numerous workshops for various audiences: children, amateurs, students and peers involved in research & creation, or, quite simply, ourselves, our own team with or without guests.