Anna Schaeffner

Anna Schaeffner, is an interaction designer and researcher. After studying product design in France she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree (2018) and a Master’s degree (2021) in interaction design, at the Kunsthochschule Weissensee in Berlin where she lives since 2015. Her various professional experiences abroad; in San Francisco or Copenhagen, helped her refine her design practice, around the development of new forms of hybrid interactions, which mix new technologies and societal and environmental concerns.Today she collaborates on many projects with a Berlin-based design studio, and in parallel Anna is enrolled in a pre-doctoral year at EnsadLab, in the reflective interaction group.Her research focuses on softrobotics, and the design of deformation, as a vector of motion, as a capacity for dynamic material adaptation and expressiveness. Through the practice of design, she explores the deformation to tend to other forms of interface between robotic objects and their environments.