Benoît Verjat

Benoît Verjat is a graphic designer and interactive designer. A graduate of École Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Strasbourg, he now combines, in the field of new media, real professional expertise and a forward-looking commitment in the field of research. For more than five years, he has been designing and producing numerous multimedia projects in the cultural field (la Gaîté lyrique, le cneai=, le cnap, le centre d’art de la Villa Arson, Joris Mathieu) on a personal basis or for various workshops (Atelier Pierre di Sciullo, studio géneral toffe). Strengthened by the openness that this professional investment has allowed him, but eager to question in greater depth the means, methods and forms, Benoît has also been engaged for a few years in research that he is testing in several settings. For this reason, he joined EnsadLab’s DiiP program (now Reflective Interaction) to confront advanced interactive devices and in particular gesture capture in its relationship to image and data representation. Wishing to share this approach as well practical as reflexive, he intervenes at École nationale supérieure d’art de Nancy in order to submit new logics of graphic production and to initiate projects putting into practice the new visual states it generates. In this same dynamic, he integrated the founding team of the school pointvue which, with light forms, initiates to the production and the audiovisual edition in network. In conjunction with the development and sharing of his research, Benoît joined the interactive designers collective g-u-i in 2011, which combines commissioned work and research.