Charlotte Gautier

Charlotte Gautier is a visual artist, scenographer and student researcher. She lives and works in Paris. Graduated from École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs de Paris in 2014, her practice is transversal and concerns both the Visual Arts and the Performing Arts fields. Her work has been the subject of several exhibitions in France and abroad (Nuit Blanche de Bruxelles, 6b, La générale, Hors-les murs du Palais de Tokyo, Cité des Arts, Mairie du 5ème, Casa de Velazquez in Madrid, Centre National des Arts de la Scène in Beijing, etc.). In 2014, she joined EnsadLab’s SAIL group, working in collaboration with glass craftsmen to create lighting devices integrating blown glass. Nourished by this work on caustics (interactions between light and glass), she joined EnsadLab’s Reflective Interaction group in 2015. There she developed a research work on light inspired by natural phenomena as well as on the connections and interactions between the public, the artwork and the exhibition space. She attempted to recreate immersive spaces in which digital and analog combine to write organic light scores. Her devices generate or reveal sensitive dimensions capable of disrupting the aesthetic experience. They plunge the spectator into a situation where the loss of reference points opens up an imaginary space, where the body swings out of time and space for a simultaneous sensory experience of light, movement and matter.