Lectures: EnsadLab invites PrePostPrint

April 3-4, 2018

In the fields of graphic design and digital and print publishing, designers wishing to question other paradigms of conception take new initiatives. As a result, new practices that are considered “unconventional” or “alternative” are emerging. They are often based on open technologies, particularly web ones. In this context, the PrePostPrint research group has been established. It had the common and urgent desire to give visibility to these emerging practices. EnsadLab invited PrePostPrint and researchers for two days to question the issues of such an initiative.

Organised by Julie Blanc, Quentin Juhel (student researchers at EnsadLab) and Lucile Haute (UNÎMES and EnsadLab) with the help of Quentin Astié (EnsAD).
This event is supported by EnsAD-PSL, Association Coalition Cyborg and Design en Recherche.

Website: https://prepostprint.org/doku.php/fr/ensadlab