Corentin Loubet

Graduated of a master’s degree in object and space design in 2020 at the ESAD of Reims, Corentin was first interested in the user affection towards objects, and more precisely how intelligent objects can stimulate particular emotional reactions to the user.

In 2021, he joined the PhD training year of EnsadLab within the Reflective Interaction research group. He gradually focused his interest on the notion of Curiosity as a metaphor for the data collect process realised by intelligent assistants. Starting from the observation that this hidden and sometimes intrusive process leads to an ambient distrust of these devices, he proposes to question about the way of which an object design and an object behavior design could reveals this process to clarify the relationship between these virtual assistants and the user.

Next to his PhD training, Corentin co-founded the Bureau Commun design studio, where he and others designers are interested in the impact of digital technology on society.