Design en regards

Book available in French

David Bihanic (dir.)
Paris/Saint-Étienne, Ed. Art Book Magazine (ABM) — EnsAD — La Cité du design, 2019.

To what may the difference in how Design is taught be attributed today? The fundamentals of its teachings are in a state of relative upheaval, and the trend seems to be moving gradually away from an approach rooted in the one-way transmission of its history, culture and theory, and more closely towards one rooted in mutual learning and practice. Johannes Itten and Walter Gropius firmly believed that Design Education was closely tied to the evolution of the inner being and the accomplishments related thereto, and was, in no way, to be a hindrance to the creative process or potential. For others, though, the field is the sole means to knowledge acquisition through the pooling of both think-how and design-how, enabling greater subjectivity and fostering an enlightened and free conscientiousness. The texts gathered in this volume attest to the diversity of myriad players in the French-speaking community of Design Teaching, and attempt to shed light on a question that is not only complex, but also crucial.

Design en regards is a collection of texts, interviews and testimonies.

In collaboration with Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs—Université Paris Sciences et Lettres(EnsAD—PSL) and La Cité du Design.
With the support of Université Paris 1 Panthéon-Sorbonne and Université Polytechnique des Hauts-de-France.

155 x 240 mm
497 pages
ISBN: 978-2-8216-0115-4

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