Diego Ortiz

Diego Ortiz is a Franco-Colombian artist born in Cali, Colombia in 1980. He works and lives in Marseilles. His work questions the relationships between reality and fiction by creating interactive “dispositifs” and audiovisual experiments using mainly mobile technologies. He thus explores relational contexts that disrupts the place and role of the spectator in the process of artistic creation and dissemination. He presented his work, among others, at Cinema Alhambra and La Belle de Mai in Marseilles, the DRAC Rhône Alpes, Festival “Empreintes Numériques” in Toulouse and abroad (Spain, Sweden). Through his artistic work, he is interested in the development of creative and cultural industries (CCI) and reflects on how artworks can be part of a performance space suitable for a sustainable economy. With artist Javiera Tejerina – Risso, he also runs Flux(o), an interdisciplinary research lab which brings together artists, programmers, scientists around the testing and implementation of experiments involving the arts, new media and scientific research. He is currently an associated artist with ZINC and participates in the research program DiiP/EnsadLab (now Reflective Interaction).