Emanuele Quinz (PhD)

Emanuele Quinz is an art historian and curator, PhD, Professor at Paris 8 University and at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD), Paris. Among his numerous editorial projects, he edited Du corps à l’avatar (anomos, 2000), La scena digitale. Nuovi media per la danza (with A. Menicacci, Marsilio, 2001), Digital Performance (anomos, 2002), Interfaces (anomos-Hyx, 2003), MilleSuoni (with R.Paci Dalò, Cronopio 2006), Strange Design (with J.Dautrey, it: éditions:It). His research focuses on contemporary art theories and practices crossing disciplines, like visual, media and performing arts, music and design. As a free-lance curator, he curated the international exhibitions Invisibile (Siena, Palazzo delle Papesse, 2004), and with L. Marchetti, Experience Design (Bolzano, 2005), Dysfashional (Luxembourg 2007, Lausanne 2008, Paris 2009, Berlin, Moscow 2010, Jakarta 2011), Basic Instincts (Berlin, 2011, Arnhem, Shenzhen 2012).