By Dominique Cunin – A collective interactive device and a real-time immersive environment (2016)

“Espace^Espace” proposes as a starting point a simple idea : the projection of a space onto itself. Metatheater, which conceptual artists have grown accustomed us to, is the pretext for the exploration of architecture through the projection of its 3D model on its own walls. On each physical wall, the corresponding wall is projected in a 3D model, so that the two instances of the building overlap perfectly in the space. The spectators, equipped with mobile screens, use a special application that proposes different interaction scenarios with the projected architecture. Because the walls of the building become screens, a simulation of the architecture in three dimensions, generally produced for design and preview purposes, encounters the real wall on which it is projected. The constructed space becomes the very location of a meeting with its own projection – an architecture project simulated using digital technologies that aids design, the image and projection of the “large image” using a large-scale video mapping system where a group of spectators is invited to “manipulate” through strategies created at that moment, and in great number.