Exhibition: Pierre di Sciullo at Bel Ordinaire

©Philippe Costes

April, 26 — July, 1rst 2017

Typoéticatrac, les mots pour le faire invites you to enter Pierre di Sciullo’s atelier to discover his latest typographical and sound research. Bringing together unpublished projects completed in 2016, Typoéticatrac is an invitation to act through words, to commit yourself to actions that require manipulating writing and developing a physical relationship with the written word. The exhibition, with a strong experimental and interactive dimension, is based on the implementation of new perception situations thanks to performative reading and writing devices. By playing with everyday language, you will be asked to complete a sentence, guess a secret writing, compose imaginary addresses or even invent new phrases that break the fixed uses of the language. The set offers a range of artistic and technical crafts. Through his creations, Pierre di Sciullo modifies the perception of writing and the act of reading, as well as the link between representation and action.

Curator: Francesca Cozzolino
Partnership: Ecole supérieure des arts des Pyrénées
With the support of le Centre Pompidou