Disabled Chair

By Samuel Bianchini

A robotic armchair with casters and a wheelchair, 2014-2018

Two armchairs are in the same space: an empty room or stage. One of them is an armchair with casters, an office chair, a chair belonging to someone who makes important decisions. The other one is a wheelchair for disabled people. Alone, the first chair moves slowly at a varying and hesitating pace. It seems that it goes towards the other one, in order to be close to it, even to push it, but fails nearly each time it tries to do so. The office chair seems coarse, it seems to have a difficult time moving. When it finally pushes the wheelchair, it gets away very clumsily, as if it was overwhelmed by doubt and uncertainty. The second chair, for disabled people, cannot move by itself. It waits to be pushed. Its symbolic power pervades the whole stage and reinforces the uncertainty of disability.

Disabled Chair, prototype #3, 2019
“Invisible Man” Exhibition curating by Murray Horne
Wood Street Galleries, Pittsburgh, April 2019
Video – 3mn 10s – High band request
Images: Samuel Bianchini
Editign: Corentin Laplanche-TsuTsui

Disabled Chair, prototype #1, 2014 Prototype created during a research-creation residency at Hexagram/Concordia University,
organized by the NXI Gestatio/UQÀM team,
with the help of Conseil québécois de coopération franco-universitaire Université Concordia, Montréal, November 2014.
Photo and vidéo : © Samuel Bianchini – ADAGP