Igor Galligo

Initially trained in humanities, Igor Galligo got three Master’s degrees: contemporary philosophy and aesthetics at the University Paris 1 Sorbonne, and political science at École des Hautes Études en Sciences Sociales. His investigation of abstract painting influenced his theoretical studies, giving in turn new impetus to reflection to his artistic practice. This new dialogue between poïetic and theoria led him to a fourth master in the Department of Arts and Sciences of Art at Paris 1 University. Since the end of 2012, he has developed his reflection on the topics of ambiance devices and scattering of attention, under the direction of Bernard Stiegler, director of the Institute for Research and Innovation Centre Pompidou. In 2013, he joined the research program DiiP (now Reflective Interaction) at EnsadLab, led by Samuel Bianchini. He is also a member associated with GERPHAU member search site MCC UMR / CNRS – LAVUE (Laboratoire Architecture Ville Urbanisme Environnement), and a member of Ars Industrialis, association led by Bernard Stiegler which reflects on an industrial policy technologies of mind. He has been a teacher in philosophy and semiotics of design at École de Condé since October 2013. Igor is currently finishing editing a collective work bringing together artistic and scientific contributions on the theme of artistic devices and situated interactions. He leads with Bernard Stiegler at the Pompidou Centre an international and interdisciplinary seminar research on the topic of Ecology attention commencing November 2013. In April 2014, from an artistic direction of this research theme, he will coordinate a seminar with Yves Citton, for students of master Critical Curatorial Cybermedia at the High School of Arts and Design in Geneva. A symposium in EnsAD on the subject of “ambiance devices” will take place in spring 2014. His artistic production and design mainly focuses on the realization of experimental light installations. Photography, experimental movies, electronic music and painting are additional media utilized. In autumn 2013, a contract for lighting design from the SARL Batofar for the redevelopment of the outer part of this Parisian nightclub was received. A partnership of research & creation between EnsAD and the School of Industrial Physics and Chemistry of the city of Paris is in progress for the production of a light device in connection with his research on the scattering of attention commenced in November 2013.