Keyvane Alinaghi

After a multimedia and computer science training, Keyvane Alinaghi focused his work on graphic design. He is a composer of electronic music for the Master Class of the music research studio Art Zoyd and a computer graphic designer. His intent of mixing videos and sounds in interactive spaces became clearer in 2006, when he studied the dynamic senography in the “Creation et Ingénierie Numériques” Master’s degree of Valenciennes University. He developed several audiovisual interactive installation and real time devices for live electronics performance. He worked, in 2009, as engineer on the research project “Practicable. The Work of Art as Dispositif: Setting the Stage for Audience Participation” supported by the French Research Agency (ANR). He works today in the Drii Research program (now Reflective Interaction) at École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs (EnsAD, Paris). His work is based on the concept of gestual coherence, legibility in interactive devices (how to make the viewer, the audiance aware of theirs actions) and on the collective interactions.