L’Internet des perruches

Olivain Porry, 2018

“L’Internet des perruches” (Parakeet’s Internet) is an artistic experiment carried out during the workshop “Behavioral Matter 1” at ENSCI, in November 2018 with the collaboration of Alexandre Brun, Sébastien Gens, Ragnhil Ståhl-Nielsen, Nicolas Rabault and Emilia Tikka. The aim of this experiment-performance was to produce behavioral objects capable of serving as an intermediary between a group of parakeets and a group of human individuals. The device set up during the workshop took the form of a linear information processing system: three parakeets located at different places in the Paris region were connected, via a videoconferencing service and sound classification software, to three wheeled robots equipped with felt-tip pens and placed on a paper surface. According to the chirping emitted by the parakeets, the robots traced on the ground geometrical shapes corresponding to the emotional states perceived by the classification software.