Lectures: Books, from paper to digital

Series of lectures, 2014-2016

Sponsored by Labex Arts-H2H, the three-year project’s aim is to explore a wide scope of hybrid objects ranging from artist books, movable books and book sculptures to composite works of contemporary literature and digital books. Situated at the crossroads of literature and graphic and visual art culture, all these works elude labeling. We intend investigate the links between text and fabric — the way textual material is emphasized, activated even, by paper or digital mechanisms. Who are these objects intended for? Which reading temporality or which temporizing do these works necessitate? How is sense offered, proposed, displayed? More generally, are these book-objects destined to be seen, read, exhibited, unfolded, collected or archived? We would like the proposals to delve into the material and fabric of the textual compositions as well as to focus on the haptic dimension of such works.

2014 http://www.ensadlab.fr/fr/textures-lobjet-livre-du-papier-au-numerique/
2015 http://www.ensadlab.fr/fr/francais-textures-de-lobjet-livre/
2016 http://www.ensadlab.fr/fr/glitchy-textures/