By Tomek Jarolim, an smartphone app, 2010

Project conducted as part of of DRii/Ensadlab now Reflective Interaction and Atelier Hypermédia at École Supérieure d’Art d’Aix-en-Provence.

Lux is application for smartphones with no goal but to move the usage — and perception — of the image of this kind of devices. No screen to touch, no image to zoom in, no map to explore or content to read. As the title evokes it, Lux considers the tool as a source of light. Like a digital torch full of pixels, the phone becomes an uncertain prism: every movement bursts the light more and more, in order to run-over from the screen. Through light, the application evokes the desire of an interaction elsewhere, making the user more than just a technology demonstrator. This light on the mobile phone is an interrogation mark, in the shape of an empty rectangle to be filled, with something more than clicks and touches.