Out of Frame

By Samuel Bianchini and Didier Bouchon (2015)

A frame is hung on a wall. It is empty and sober: no content, no background, without moulding or any other ornament. But from time to time, it moves subtly, twists on itself. Occasionally, its movements are more abrupt, even violent, as if it was undergoing involuntary motor discharges or hysterical seizures. The frame is like a body, revealing impulses that can’t be controled, contained or framed. Yet, these are expressed through the frame’s own movements rather than by any kind of representation it could contain.


• Hardware production: Adrien Bonnerot and Ely Bessis
• Software production: Didier Bouchon

Developed and prototyped as part of the research project “Behavioral Objects” by the Reflective Interaction team at EnsadLab with the support of the Labex Arts-H2H and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation and its Chair for Innovation & Expertise.