Parallel Distorsion

By Marie-Julie Bourgeois, an interactive Installation, 2010-2012

The course of the sun is the inspiration of the interactive environment of Parallèles (Parallels). The rotation of a giant marble enables the spectator to move back and forth through time. The speed and dexterity of the manipulation dictate the visual and auditory ambiance of the installation. The distortion of time is made manifest by the course of the sun as it could be perceived within an enclosed space. Beams of parallel light correspond to the position of the sun at a given instant in time. The rays correspond to the movement of the trackball, they traverse the space of the white room and play upon the bodies of the spectators. The principle is to simulate a disturbance in the equilibrium of our planet by acting upon its speed of rotation. The spectator not only embarks upon a journey in time, but they are also witnesses to the consequences of the virtual disruption of this cycle. Thus, they find themselves in the heart of a special effect inspired by a natural phenomenon which they both actively control and passively experience.


Computerization: Nicolas Montgermont
Lighting effects’s Adviser: Annie Leuridan
Mechatronic: IUT Cachan/La ménagerie technologique
Sound composition: Julien Bréval