Pied de mouche #2 : Typographical dialogues

Brice Ammar-Khodja, Hugo Serraz
MF Editions, 2019

Pied de mouche is a typographic research magazine. The first issue followed the thematic of liberty and was published in 2015 with 1000 copies distributed for free in French schools of art, design and specialized bookstores.

Considering that type-design and graphic design face the challenges of ever-changing professions, Pied de mouche #2 seeks to understand and analyze those new mutations. To do so, Pied de mouche #2 bets on opening a typographic dialogue with its users instead of its designers. The team has chosen the formats of interviews and free contributions to converge views and reflections, inviting makers, authors, creators, and thinkers whose work does not necessarily take roots into the field of graphic design to understand their intimate relationship with the so-called character.

 Each chapter or article takes the form of a specific format, type font and printing process of its own, embodying its theme. The final product arose as a diversity of individual objects which answer the same research question.

The reader remains free to interconnect an article with another to merge its own very dialogues and interrogations.

With contributions from Marc Thébault, Lucille Théveneau, Bastien Gallet & Yoan de Roeck, Didier Kiefer, Alexis Zacchi, Olivier Létang, Charlotte Hoffman, Mathieu Didier and Loiq.



— Changing the Gesture

Interview with Didier Kiefer, visual artist 
Techniques: silk-screen printing, lead typography, digital laser

4 pages

— Dystopian bookshop
Alexis Zacchi, graphic designer
Techniques : marquage à chaud, numérique laser
2 pages

— Discussion between a Philosopher & a Typographer

Bastien Gallet & Yoan de Roeck, philosopher & graphic designer
Techniques: offset, risography
12 pages

— Years of Labour

Interview with Lucile Théveneau, curator at the Imprimerie Nationale
Techniques: lead typography, digital laser

8 pages

— Hey, you, over there!

Mathieu Didier, director
Technique: digital laser

6 pages

— Interview with ɔlivjeletɑ̃
Interview with Olivier Létang, visual artist
Technique: digital laser

2 pages

— Those who write outside
Hugo Serraz & Loiq, reporter & graffiti artist
Technique: digital laser

24 pages

— Journal de Bord
Interview with Charlotte Hoffman, graphic designer
Techniques: risography, digital laser
32 pages

French edition

Format 350 x 480

100 pages

40.00 €

To buy the book : https://www.editions-mf.com/produit/84/9782378040154/pied-de-mouche-2
ISSN : 2275-9344