Pierre domestiquée

By Julie Brugier, 2018

Pierre Domestiquée highlights the concrete and sensitive universe of the contemporary world on the basis of one of its fundamental resources: minerals, their extraction, industrial transformation and massive presence in everyday objects. This installation makes stones express themselves differently, underlining their aesthetic and technical qualities. For this purpose, several quartz from the collection of the Mineralogy Museum of MINES-ParisTech are exhibited here. Quartz, a very rich resource, has various physico-chemical characteristics. From quartz, silicon is extracted (massively used for electronic components) and stoneware (porcelain stoneware) or glass is made. Quartz can be found in a very large number of everyday objects, from watches to bathroom tiles and remote controls. Thanks to its piezoelectric qualities, it is today a promising source of renewable energy.

This project highlights the domestication of the mineral world by man, both in its inventive aspects and in its controversies, often ignored — mining for the growing manufacture of objects is today the source of a multitude of human conflicts and environmental damage.

The installation of Pierre domestiquée seeks to sublimate the physical and aesthetic qualities of stones, in terms of their ability to punctuate time, their piezoelectric effect or their treatment of light. As visitors approach, the display comes to life, showing the exposed stones. The interactive design of this installation invites the visitor to take an attentive and sensitive look at this resource, which is often invisible, although very present in our daily environment.


Project in collaboration with Colin Bouvry, electronic designer/developer.
Project exhibited at le Musée de Minéralogie de l’école des Mines in Paris.