Symposium: im\Perfections

Organized by Petra Löffler, Patricia Ribault and Martin Müller
Thursdays, 4pm to 6pm, HU-Main building \ Lecture Hall 3075 \ Unter den Linden 6 \ 10117 Berlin

im\Perfect Figurations in Nature, Culture and Technology

During the summer semester, two researchers from different disciplines meet every other Thursday to discuss the limits of perfection and the potential of imperfections in natural organisms, hybrid bodies, synthetic materials and technical ensembles. The lecture series also provides a forum for discussions on the political and ethical implications of the term. The lectures and discussions are held in German and in English.

 18.04.2019 — Introduction
Petra Löffler
Patricia Ribault
Martin Müller

 02.05.2019 — Body/Design
Hannelore Bublitz
Emilia Tikka

 16.05.2019 — Animal/Culture
Christian Kassung
Emile de Visscher

 13.06.2019 — Art/Technology
Emanuele Quinz
Wolfgang Schäffner

 27.06.2019 — Bodies/Borders
Claudia Bruns
Penelope Wehrli

 11.07.2019 — Sound/Noise
Jamie Allen
Colin Lang

Humboldt Universität zu Berlin
Department of Cultural History and Theory
In a Cooperation with the Cluster of Excellence “Matters of Activity. Image Space Material”