Symposium: The book as an object or exhibition space

Francesca Cozzolino and Lucile Haute

Francesca Cozzolino and Lucile Haute intervened on Wednesday, March 6 2019 at 6pm at ésam Caen/Cherbourg – Caen. They presented La création à l’œuvre, an editorial experiment resulting from an exhibition of Pierre di Sciullo.

“During this conference we will share an experience of digital publication as part of a research-creation project undertaken at EnsadLab by a team of multidisciplinary researchers: art, design and anthropology. The aim of this book is to propose visual and sound arrangements as well as interactive modalities allowing a narrative that reflects creation in action. Indeed, this editorial project is based on the documentation of the design and production process of the exhibition “Typoéticatrac. Les mots pour le faire” by graphic designer Pierre di Sciullo, which took place at the art centre Le Bel Ordianire (Pau) in 2017 under the direction of Francesca Cozzolino.

How can we restore, correct or translate the sensitive experiences of the exhibition visit which involves the visitors’ bodies? What editorial form should this material take, combining elements of different kinds: text, interviews, essay, video, photography… What new arrangements should be imagined between textual, visual and sound data? In addition to the change in scale and nature, the aim is to take advantage of the interactive possibilities of multimedia supports and writings to propose new ways of reproducing the creative process when it is observed in its complexity.
This book is the second of the liteʁal collection directed by Lucile Haute for Art Book Magazine (Paris). This collection brings together digital and printed books, in English and French, dedicated to contemporary art, design and research in these fields. The essays, works and texts published in this context are subjected to graphic, typographical, interactive, plastic and aesthetic experiments.”

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Lucile Haute is an artist and researcher in art and design, lecturer at Université de Nîmes and associate researcher at EnsadLab (Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs, Paris).

Francesca Cozzolino is a teacher at Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs in Paris. Researcher at EnsadLab, the art and design research laboratory of EnsAD-PSL Research University in Paris and affiliated researcher at the Laboratory of Ethnology and Comparative Sociology (Lesc, CNRS/Université de Paris Nanterre).

ésam Caen/Cherbourg is a public cultural cooperation institution placed under the joint supervision of Caen la mer Normandie Communauté urbaine, the City of Cherbourg-en-Cotentin, the State and the Normandy Region