By Lyes Hammadouche and Ianis Lallemand – An interactive installation (2015)

40 x 40 x 800 cm, aluminium, PLA plastic, motors, proximity laser sensor.

Eight hourglass modules are kept in a horizontal position, preventing sand from running off. When a spectator approaches an hourglass close enough, it rotates up or down, allowing the sand to flow according to the spectator’s movements. The angle of the hourglass depends on the distance of the spectator and the quality of his movement. When there is no movement, a random choreography is performed.


• Computer development of the interactive system: Colin Bouvry
• Computer development of the motorisation: Didier Bouchon
• Exhibition furniture: Charles-Henry Fertin
• Production monitoring (EnsAD): Emmanuelle Barbey

Partners: EnsAD / EnsadLab / ENS / SACRe / PSL / Forum Vies Mobiles