Tom Huet

Tom Huet is a visual artist, lighting designer, scenographer. Graduated from EnsAD in 2012, his work covers various types of creations: sound and light installations, staging of immersive plays, kinetic sculptures, scenographies of events and theatre, sound creations. In parallel with his research at EnsadLab in the group Reflective Interaction, an interactive light axis, he collaborates with various artists and companies, and supervises “sound and light installation” educational workshops in middle and high schools. Flows, reversal, vertigo and nothingness are some of the main notions he explores. The appearance of simplicity, minimalism, are the result of an approach that implements a reflection leading to the purity of forms, passing, in everyday life, by the refusal of waste, the attempt to recover and the diversion of objects. The idea is to find a right form while appealing to an economy of means. In his works, light and sound interact and disturb the perception of space, thus making sensitive changes to it. His work around the phenomena of perception, reflection, illusion, goes beyond reason and takes place before feeling. It begins the troubled and confused beginnings of a sensation. Through the evocative power of these elements, he seeks to create psychoplastic spaces, in other words, spaces that can translate feelings and provide sensations, emotionally charged spaces.