Unidentified 001

Aurélie Hoegy, 2018

Photo: © Aurélie Hoegy

Hybrid table using a robotic soft system, prototype. In an empty room, an object in Uranus colours is placed on a white background. It lets you imagine a cross-breeding between a table and an unknown animal species. A platform, with an irregular shape, rises on four long feet in a walking position. The movement seems to be in suspension. The external material is soft and organic in appearance, like a mixture of silicone loaded with dirt or dark sand. Like a skin, the top of the object rises and falls slowly in a regular rhythm. As you approach, the skin lifts and lowers increasingly faster. The object seems capable of perceiving us and reacting to our presence near or far. Is it looking for a dialogue or a relationship? Unidentified 001 acts like a “living” object with properties similar to those of a biological organism. It seems to breathe.

Photo: © Aurélie Hoegy
Photo: © Aurélie Hoegy


Project designed and prototyped as part of the research axis “Behavioral Objects” of the Reflective Interaction group at EnsadLab (laboratory of Ecole nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs – PSL University, Paris). “We are not the number we think we are” event, at Cité internationale des arts, Paris, February 2018

Production with the help of Didier Billet and Daniel Blokbergen
Special thanks to Didier Bouchon, Paul Descoings and Nicolas Herlin