Workshop: Demo

December 14-16, 2016

Coordination and organization: Francesca Cozzolino (teacher researcher EnsadLab/Lesc)
EnsadLab manager: Samuel Bianchini
Créalab/Lesc manager: Sophie Houdart

EnsadLab and Université Paris 8, with the support of Labex Arts-H2H, conduct research on new forms of publication of research in art and design, new ways to make this research practice-based. In order to consolidate this approach thanks to anthropology of art, science and technology, art and design researchers from EnsadLab organized a workshop with anthropological researchers from the Créalab group (LESC, Université Paris X Nanterre la Défense).

These researchers question new forms of descriptibility and, encompassing the paradigm of speculative anthropology, reflect on how to broaden the perception of the world and how to describe phenomena empirically when they are confronted with realities that are difficult to grasp.

Researchers in art and design, seeking to find new forms to publish their research, question the format of demonstration: its articulation between scientific discourse and narrativity of objects, its scientific objectivity, its argumentative nature, the function of objects, in an approach in resonance with the tradition of critical and speculative design.