By Julie Brugier, 2018

Frugales offers culinary experiences that feature resources and food processes that are simple, inspired by the past or invented for the occasion. We go to the people who work and transform our resources (farmers, producers, craftsmen, etc.) to collect these gestures, objects, stories which make the cultural, technical and gustatory state of our food. Back in our workshop we rework this material — made of images, interviews, videos, techniques and objects — in echo with our own expertise. We give these resources new territories of expression and existence, questioning their form and materiality or updating old processes. At the crossroads of various media, we then tell the story of this investigation and propose new frugal imaginations.

For this first experiment, Frugales is focused on making butter and explores the farm of Erwann Lecreff, a milk producer in Kerayet, Bretagne. An installation will be exhibited on the farm for one evening in July 2018.


Project in collaboration with Anna Talec, video maker, and Erwann Lecreff, milk producer in Kerayet in Bretagne.