Voir des Choses Bouger

By Benoît Verjat (2014)

Modification of a situation by the action of animated objects in order to observe their behavior.

In Voir des Choses Bouger, one can see worms, or articulated sausages, or jewelry automatons. Yet, the starting point is much less figurative. We set a context, then we launch the experiment. We observe the behavior of these barely articulated things. It is an experiment of research outside the laboratory, moved onto a stage, and open to interpretations. The proper movement of these objects is insufficient for their displacement but thanks to their hermaphrodite surface, they are able to interact and react to their context (the scene and the public). Animated things become improvisers in constant interaction with the situation they are in. So the basic behavior is stupid. It means nothing in itself. It is ontologically neutral. Only the activation, the performance in a given time and environment will release its poetry.


• Collaboration: Nicolas Couturier & Julien Gargot
• Participation: Didier Bouchon, Sophie Fougeray, Mario Simon, Giuseppe Chico, Éric Yvelin, Angeline Ostinelli, Bachir Soussi-Chiadmi, Caroline Martins and Cyril Makhoul.

This project was developed with MisB Kit and thanks to the support of Labex Arts-H2H and the Bettencourt Schueller Foundation.